Hiroshima mon amour | 2021

K.GROUP Project

Pestalozzistraße 31, 80469 Munich

19.04, 2021 - 27.04, 2021

Energy is inseparable from our lives. Energy and nature are also closely integrated. Energy is closely connected with birds, energy is closely connected with water, and energy is closely connected with forests... Even if the energy stopped because of the epidemic, it will have various effects on us. I want to embody these inner subtle relationships in my works.

I am accustomed to words, daily conversations, talking to myself, or verses, film dialogues are filled into visual images. Let the text and the picture have a different relationship in the space. Its like the work has many rooms, different things are happening in different rooms, and different people are chatting. I am very interested in the spatial relationship between text and image. Some spaces are like my body, and some words are just like what the left ear hears, transmitted to the heart, and then transformed in the space...

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©️Photo credit: Yingji Yang Studio Text: Yingji Yang