The End of Spring | 2014

Materials: ink, water,insect,glass
Suite of 12 Gelatin silver print on Warmtone paper
Edition:12 + 2 Artist Proofs
Image size:18x18cm/44mx44m
These series were selected in book "Yingji"

At the end of spring, my subconscious emotional creation continued the theme of water-a mutated girl in 2010, a sad, weird, and idle girl who tried to soak her whole body in ink and spend it. It took the whole afternoon.
春的临终时我潜意识情感的一次创作,延续了2010年water——变异的少女 的主题,一个忧伤的,怪异的,无所事事的少女,少女试图把整个身体浸泡在了墨水里,度过了整个午后。


©️Photo credit: Yingji Yang Text: Yingji Yang