2th Three Shadows Experimental Image Open Exhibition | 2015

Three Shadows Photography Art Centre

Beijing, China

June 27-August 2, 2015

Materials: photos, woods, carbons

I often reflect on images from my childhood. Recently I have to pull myself out of this self-meditation in memories because of the frequent terror attacks. Rooted in chaotic situations in the Middle East, many extreme events happen in Europe and Asia. Body, limbs, pain, emotions, religion, fragments of these images emerge daily in my thoughts. I invited friends around me to join as part of my creative process capturing images of twisted limbs. In one of the work I chose to use cream to cover a pair of lovers bodies in a way to bury and create segmentations. Every religion has its "sweet" and "smooth" side initially until it goes astray. What went wrong with the cream? It was also the first time for me to try to put organic matters in my work.

In this exhibition a pannel wall made from charred wood was used as a background to place the photos. In addition, burned charcoal was put on the floor in front of the pannel. In this way, there is a slight burned smell in the exhibition space.

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©️Photo credit: Jie Chi Text: Yingji Yang