The End of Spring | 2014/15

JiaLi Privte Gallery Project

Bei Ji Xiang HuTong, Beijing, China

December 13, 2014 - February 7, 2015

Materials: photo, wood table

The exhibition was hosted in a gallery in Beijing's hutong. I chose 8 pieces from the "End of Spring" series and made large size prints to be hang from the beams of the Hutong building. The audiences are enclosed in the spaces segemented by these large prints. In this way the audiance are drawn closer to observe the details of these photos, such as girl's arm, dead insect, ink water, etc. The subconscious emotions inside the images are also amplified. At the same time, a sense of subtle imtimacy was created in a home life exhibition space. This was the first time that I include the environment in my consideration of an exhibition arrangement.

©️Photo credit:JiaLi Privte Gallery Text: Yingji Yang